# General Questions

# What do you offer?

We offer publishers monetization of their websites or traffic via push subscriptions.

# How does the platform work?

If you have your own website, you place there a code which offers the visitors to subscribe on push notifications. The users who have subscribed will receive ad notifications, which makes you a profit. If you don't own a website but you have traffic, you can monetize it through our platform. To do this you need to create a stream and to get our pushlink. Traffic coming through the pushlink will be converted into push subscriptions base, which will be monetized and will make you a profit. We work on Revenue Share 90% basis which means you will get 90% of profit from monetization of subscriptions collected on your website or on the pushlink.

No, we don't provide offers or smartlinks. But when you add a stream, you get our pushlink which you can promote just as a smartlink.

# What types of monetization are available now?

At the moment only push-monetization is available to the public but new types will appear in the nearest future.

# What is your advantage in comparison with other networks?

Obvious advatnages of monetization by us:

  • Revenue Share 90%
  • We pay weekly with no hold period
  • High eCPM
  • Monetization via RTB with 30+ networks in the auction
  • Quick and detailed statistics about subscriptions' lifespan
  • Instant moderation of websites
  • Efficient landings for collecting push subscriptions

# Traffic

# What verticals can be the most profitable?

We accept any content. The best results can be waited for the following verticals: Adult, Dating, Finance, Lotteries, Casino.

# Why does my CPM decrease?

CPM depends on new subscriptions. Old subscriptions are not so active, as a result CPM can decrease if the base isn't frequently updated.

# Do you have postback?

Yes, in your profile you can switch on postback for tracking new subscriotions. In this case you need to use {click_id} macro and to add a postbaсk URL in your profile.

# Do you have API?

Yes, publisher API will be automatically available for your account after the first payout.

# Statistics

# Is statistics updated in real time?

Most data in reports are updated in real time, some indicators have a 10 minutes delay.

# Decrypting values from the "Reports" section

  • Script hits: a number of unique users who received a notification about push subscription
  • New Subscriptions: users who subscribed on push notifications
  • CR: Conversion Rate, the ratio of the Script Hits to the New Subscriptions
  • Daily active: a number of active subscriptions per day (who got at least 1 impression of advertisement)
  • Unsubscribed: users who unsubscribed or have been inactive for more than 7 days
  • Impressions: how many advertisement impressions your subscriptions received
  • CPM: cost per 1000 impressions
  • Revenue: your profit from subscriptions' activity

# Payouts

# What ways of withdrawing funds are available?

To withdraw your balance you can use Webmoney, Paxum, Capitalist, PerfectMoney, bank transfer.

# What is the minimum sum for payout?

The minimum withdrawal amount is $100 ($1000 for bank transfer).

# How can I add or change my payment details?

To add or edit your payment details please contact your manager.

# When can I get my payout?

We pay weekly with no hold period, payouts go out every Tuesday (09:00−18:00 UTC+3) for sales generated during the previous week (Monday—Sunday). The minimum payout threshold is $100. When you reach the payout threshold for the first time, please contact our support team to add your payment details. All further payments will be sent automatically to the same account, according to our schedule and rules.

# Is there any difference in payouts for traffic from websites and from streams?

No, payouts depend on traffic quality. It doesn't matter whether traffic comes from a website or from a stream.

# Do you pay only for new subscriptions or for all current subscriptions?

We pay for all subscriptions. The profit depends on the subscription's activity during its lifespan.

# Where can I find the info how much profit from 1 subscription I can get?

In "Opportunities" folder you can see LTV. LTV (Lifetime Value) is estimated average revenue from one push subscription during its lifespan. This value can vary depending on traffic quality and other factors. Actual profit can differ from the specified numbers.

# Why do I get different payments for the same country?

We pay via Revenue Share 90%. Profit depends on traffic quality, it can vary depending on subscription characteristic (platform, OS, etc.). Also your profit depends on new subscriptions number, the fresher subscription is, the better it is monetized.

# Placement Scripts

Our placements offer a variety of additional features that will help you to track your subscriptions and to raise the conversion rate.

# JS Events

When you use our Push placements you can track and handle various events using simple JS code like this:

window.onAlreadySubscribed = function(){
<script src="{Script you got from Publisher Panel}"></script>

This code will automatically redirect already subscribed users to the specified URL.

Here's a full list of available events:

  • onPermissionDefault - when browser returns default permission without prompting the user
  • onPermissionDenied - when user has blocked Push notifications
  • onPermissionAllowed - when user has allowed Push notifications to be displayed
  • onAlreadySubscribed - when user previously has already subscribed on Push notifications
  • onNotificationUnsupported - when user's browser doesn't support Push notifications
  • onTrafficFiltered - when our system has identified user as a fraud

# Postback

You can track new subscriptions with postbacks from our system.

First, you need to set up the URL in your profile. After each new subscription is made, you will receive a GET-request on this URL.

You can use click_id macro in your postback URL to identify different users.

If you have a Push placement, then you just need to add click_id parameter to the query string:

<script src=".../ps.js?id={YOUR_PLACEMENT_ID}&click_id={YOUR_CUSTOM_CLICK_ID}"></script>

or to pass this parameter when you redirect the user to this page:


If you have a Push Link, then it's even simpler, you can use our UI to add parameter to the link.

# SubID

In order to use this feature, first you must contact your personal manager.

This feature allows you to use sub_id to pass custom values to our system and to use them to filter reports.

Value must satisfy two requirements:

  • Allowed symbols: A-z 0_9.
  • Max length is 36 symbols

If you have a Push placement, then you need to add sub_id parameter to the query string:

<script src=".../ps.js?id={YOUR_PLACEMENT_ID}&sub_id={YOUR_CUSTOM_SUB_ID}"></script>

or to pass this parameter when you redirect the user to this page:


If you have a Push Link, then you can use our UI to add parameter to the link.